Xero: Leavers for payroll

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If you are using Xero for payroll, you will likely encounter the need to issue a P45 to staff who leave your company at some point. This short guide will talk you through what you need to do.

To start with you will need to locate the staff member. This can be done through the payroll menu at the top and then selecting Employees from the drop down. You should then be presented with a list of employees to be able to select the one who has left the company.

Once you have selected them, you should see their Personal Details page. Just underneath their name should be a menu that allows you to select various things and we will want to select Employment from this menu.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the Employment details tab, you should see a red button that says End Employment. If you click this button, it will then ask you to select the employee’s last day.

This date will need to be at on or after the last day you have paid that member of staff so you will want to run a payrun for them prior to this. It might be that you want to run a payrun just for this member of staff which can be done as an unscheduled payrun outside of the standard pay schedule.

You will then want to get the employee’s P45 to send to them. If you are still in the employment details screen, you can go to Options > Download P45. If you have left this screen, the employee will no longer be in the list of employees when you go to Payroll > Employees. There is a screen that can then be got to by toggling between current and history to locate the employee. From there you will need to go to employment details and scroll down to options at the bottom as described previously.

If you accidentally end the employment, where the original End Employment button was, there is a button to Reinstate Employee.

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