Xero: What Is Hubdoc?

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Xero have a free add-on called Hubdoc which allows you to automate a lot of your data entry saving you a lot of time and hassle and allowing you to focus on your business rather than on your admin.

If you have a Xero account, Hubdoc can be accessed once you are logged in on a computer by clicking the down arrow next to the name of your company and selecting Hubdoc from the Do more with Xero menu.

As a Xero Partner, I have access to additional subscription options – if you are on one of these then unfortunately Hubdoc will not work with your subscription. You would need to upgrade to one of Xero’s regular options to be able to use Hubdoc.

If this is the first time you are using Hubdoc, you will possibly have a request to set up Hubdoc for your organisation and you may need to agree to the terms and conditions to get everything underway.

When you get through to Hubdoc, you may have a sign in menu. You can use your Xero login to prevent you having to set up a separate login for this.

Electronic invoices
This is the main screen for Hubdoc and from here you can add any accounts that you may have for which you can get electronic invoices. This could be things such as utilities, mobile phone, software providers, website providers and many more. It will be worth searching or speaking to your suppliers to see if they are available. There is a list of connected UK suppliers on Hubdoc.

Once you have added an account and entered your login credentials for that supplier, you will be able to fetch invoices automatically. You can enter details within Hubdoc to automatically enter the Xero coding and to automatically send the invoices through to Xero. These will be entered as bills on your Xero account having used the coding you defined and taken the amount from the invoice, attaching the source document for reference and will be there ready for you to match when completing your bank reconciliation.

Other invoices
For other invoices where there is no automatic link to Hubdoc, you can still get Hubdoc to do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. You can either upload an invoice within Hubdoc using the Upload Document button, or you can forward on an invoice to your hubdoc email address. This will be something like myorganisation@app.hubdoc.com. You can customise this email address within the settings menu on Hubdoc (cog up the top right) and then selecting Organisation and Edit Email under the Uploading files via email section. You can even give this email address to supplies so that they can email it directly into your Hubdoc for you.

There is even a Hubdoc app which will allow you to take a photo of invoices which you don’t have an electronic copy of. I haven’t started using this yet myself but will do so next time I have a need to log a paper invoice.

Set up
If using Hubdoc is of interest to you, Anderson Accounts can help you get setup with the initial stages if necessary. Just get in touch and speak to us about your needs.

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